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May 23 2018



Relog if you need this energy


May 22 2018

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This won’t make your blog look ugly. How could you not reblog this? REBLOGGING THIS COULD SAVE A LIFE!!!

This goes for assholes, too, guys. I know a couple who went tubing once, and they had to re-air their tubes, but the guy thought it would be funny to stick the tip of the air compressor up to her bikini trunks, the air ruptured something inside her and she died within thirty minutes.


The thing about this? It’s in every pregnancy book I’ve read.


Why is it in pregnancy books but not sex ed books?

May 21 2018

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That’s it. The best version of the meme. We’ve done it lads


If anyone has a sending money to strangers kink hit me up

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yes let’s tell children to self-medicate with medicine that hasn’t been studied for long-term effects, great idea

You know my post cites actual clinical studies, right? Check it out y’all: https://genderanalysis.net/2017/07/four-low-cost-alternatives-to-puberty-blockers-for-transgender-adolescents/

May 19 2018






do you ever watch something and think “this was written by a man”

i was up late night watching an episode of criminal minds fairly recently, for lack of a better thing to do. in the opening scene there are these two girls getting into their car in like a supermarket parking lot, not very well lit, in the middle of the night. another car drives up right behind theirs and won’t move out of the way so this one girl is like “im gonna go see what this guy’s problem is” and gets out of the car, in a poorly lit parking lot, to confront a man who was behaving aggressively to them.

so that was the precise moment i realised that episode was written by a man.

I was watching an episode of CSI where the entire reason they were going forward with the case was that ‘no woman would wear a bra this expensive without also wearing the matching panties’.  What porn logic is this?  I was, at that moment, wearing the exact bra the Jane Doe was wearing and fuck no I didn’t spring for the matching panties.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t wear them as often as a bra.  Panties I wash daily.  Bras? Not so much.

But in CSI World, police resources were being mobilized on how irregular it would be for a woman to wear a $36 bra, but not caring about how she would look in just underthings.

Never mind not matching, but that they think $36 is expensive for a bra is probably the number one sign it was written by a man.

In Star Wars Padmé goes for Anakin while Ewan McGregor is around

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For all the artists out there

Youre telling me I threw away 10 dollar markers FOR NOTHING

REBLOG to save a life and a wallet!

Plus copics are actually refillable and you can buy more colored ink online for pretty cheap!

So yeah dont throw out copics.


Never refill a Copic with regular isopropyl alcohol unless you have absolutely no other option.

Copic markers have their own ink refills to go with each marker,

They look like this and cost around the same price as a Copic Sketch maybe slightly more however they can be used to refill a marker several times

By using isopropyl alcohol what you’re doing, in fact, is diluting what little ink you have left in your make, therefore changing the shade of it.

Of course the one exception to this rule is the colourless blender 0 which is a marker that is full of regular isopropyl alcohol.

As a side note, DON’T throw away your marker if one/both of the is damaged

Copic also make replacement nibs for all of their markers

Which are much cheaper than buying a new marker as you get multiple in a pack.

Reblogging to save an artist. Copics are meant to be reusable and I know how hella expensive those things are. NEVER throw out your Copic markers!

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any system where people are upset there lives were saved is not a system that works

Like seriously, when I had cancer scare all I could think of is how much it would cost and how unwilling I was to put my family through that.

May 18 2018

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is this japanese mean girls

Kind of. More of Mean girls meets the Power Rangers

May 17 2018










Did I ever tell the story on here of how we accidentally ended up staying at a gay resort for my grandmother’s funeral. 

*drops into cross-legged position in front of systlin, ready for the story*

So. This is about my Awesome Grandma, who I still miss deeply. The Awful Grandma is still alive, kept upright by sheer spite and hatred of everything. 

But my Awesome Grandma passed away a couple years ago, at the ripe old age of 89, peacefully and in her sleep. I was devastated. The whole family was. She was an amazing woman. 

So, I’m a mess. I get bereavement leave from work for the funeral, and the condolences of my boss and coworkers, and we start trying to figure out logistics. 

Dad was her estate’s executor, and he was already up in Wisconsin staying at her house because we’d known it was coming (she’d been ill for some time). Now, Grandma and Grandpa’s house was and is quite small. So, Dad was staying there, Mom was staying there, and my aunt and her husband were staying there, and the house was full up. 

My other aunt and her husband who lived nearby opened their house to the family, but their house wasn’t huge either and so of course their children who came home got priority. 

Long story short, we needed to find a hotel. And I’m a wreck, who can barely pack a suitcase in between bouts of sobbing, so my hubby stepped up. 

“I’ve got it,” He says. “Don’t worry, I’ve got everything.” He’s good at finding hotel deals and stuff, so this is great.

Grandma lived in Baraboo, WI. This is a short drive from the Wisconsin Dells, a popular tourist trap that has a ton of hotels. Grandma died in October, which was off season for the Dells, so there were plenty of good deals. Kev booked a room at a place called Rainbow Valley Resort, which had excellent ratings on Expedia and was inexpensive. We didn’t think twice about this, because every hotel in the Dells has a name like Whispering Pines or Mountain Valley or Pleasant View or Springbrook or whatever. 

Anyway, we show up, and find it fine, and pull up to the office which is also the bar. 

The bar is named Captain Dix. 

This still doesn’t click in my brain, which is running on adrenaline and espresso at this point. And my husband is in Get Shit Done mode, which means he’s wholly focused on getting checked in and then to Grandma’s house to meet up with my family and stuff. 

So we walk in, and finally a little pilot light goes on in my brain. Because the walls are PAPERED in Brokeback Mountain posters, Pride flags, and posters of extremely hot shirtless men. 

“Oh.” I go. “OH.”

The dude at the desk is cheerfully checking us in, and he is Obviously Gay. In that, he’s wearing a T shirt, literally, that says “Gay” and has a rainbow on it. 

There’s a sign on the wall listing the events that they hosted over the summer. I’ve still got a pic, I’ll find and attach it in a minute. 

My worry at this point is mostly “Oh man I don’t want these dudes to feel like we’re intruding” but we’re like the only people there because, again, off season. 

So we get checked in and get to our room, and I turn to husband. 

“Hon.” I said, “We’re at the gay resort.”

“What?” Says Kev. 

“Hon,” I said, and then pointed out everything I just listed above, and oh yeah they also had a clothing optional area by the pool. 

“Oh.” He says. “Oops.” 

But, I mean, the rooms were lovely and comfortable and spotless, and too late now. 

Anyway Grandma’s funeral was that afternoon. And by the time we got back, I was a cried out mess, and I wanted a fucking drink. So, we went to the bar. 

The owner was the barkeep. We get to the bar, and he smiles at us. “Hey folks, I’m Gary. What can I get you?” He asks. 

“Whiskey.” I say. 

“Sure, what kind?”

“Brown.” I’ve been awake for 37 hours at this point, and words are hard. 

An eyebrow climbs, but he just grabs a Jameson bottle. “Sure hon, anything with it?”

“More whiskey.” 

The second eyebrow climbs. 

“We just got back from her grandmother’s funeral.” My husband has better people skills than me. 

OH.”  Gary upends the bottle at this, and pours an extra couple fingers into my glass, thereby making him my best friend in the world. 

Anyway, my husband the People Person strikes up a conversation with Brad as I drink. Turns out Brad and his husband own the place, they don’t mind us there a bit since it’s a slow time of the year for them, and by the end of the night he and my husband are best friends and Kev, the professional locksmith, is repairing a minor problem with their door for them and chatting about cooking.

Anyway, Rainbow Valley sadly could not survive as a gay establishment, and was re branded for anyone. But they still have great food and the owners are still very homosexual, and are great people. 


Brad was Gary’s partner, incidentally, forgot to specify. 

God I live 15 minutes away and I love them. This is why you should visit Wisco.


If you’re in the Dells, give them your business. They’re wonderful people, and the food is great. Gary cooks, and his BBQ ribs are phenomenal. 

They are now called Silver Valley Resort and Rubb’s Steakhouse, if you ever want to hit them up. 

I’m bringing this back because I just found out from my husband like 2 days ago that after I went to bed and he went to settle the tab, Gary flat out refused to let him pay for my 3 whiskeys-with-extra-whiskey. 

“No, she had a rough day, poor girl, losing a loved one is rough, you folks seem nice anyway and you fixed that door we’ll call it good.” 

i think ive actually had brochures for this place before and after it changed names. none of the locals ever had a problem with it

youll be happy to know theyre doing well financially and are popular yet still intimate and friendly. their image redesign went amazing

some of those events are now ‘decentralized’ and are celebrated unofficially over lake delson in partnership with many other very friendly businesses

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Real Neko Atsume Cats 

I know there’s already a similar post floating around, but I had already planned on making my own, and I had very specific breed headcanons! Also, this one includes the most recent cats :3 

29/03/2018 UPDATE

good news! finally back to add the most recent kitties. 

Also, I previously thought a cat like Socks was an impossible occurrence in real life, but I found out it’s a rare mutation called Karpati! So, see the updated version up there ↑↑↑ 

Now, without any further ado, the new kitties! 

As always I tried to compromise between a close enough match and a decent quality picture. Sorry for the length of this post!

May 16 2018






the autistic ping

Look, we’re not actually narcissists

When you talk to us about an emotional issue

And we respond with a personal experience or anecdote

We’re not trying to make the conversation about ourselves.

Most times (at least with me), I have to find an experience within myself that is similar to what you’ve described

So I can furnish an appropriate emotional reaction to what you’re experiencing.

It’s sort of like when you ping an IP address to fix a faulty Wi-Fi connection.

It’s not personal, it’s just how I navigate Feelings™.

This is how many people on the Autism spectrum express empathy.  We don’t say things like “You must have felt so…” like neurotypical people are used to.  To us, that comes across as presuming to know.  We look to when we felt something that seems similar, and offer that experience.  That lets the other person decide whether we truly know how they feel.

When I do this I am trying to show you that I really do know how you feel, and not just saying something arbitrary to make you feel better. Since I’m not good at showing and expressing emotions or even knowing exactly what it is I am feeling, I barely know what others are feeling. But by relating situation to situation, I’m acknowledging what they are feeling now and that I felt a similar way once, so that any advice I give can sound like I’m feeling the right emotion.

Oh I had no idea this was an autism thing I always respond to people by talking about situations where I felt similarly

Literally this is so common they test for it during the diagnostic process.

………I do this a lot. I have to make a conscience effort not to

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Bitch where is mu Spongebob Ice cream

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i have been waiting for this to show up in my dash forever




This has to be up there with the funniest shit ever.

oh my god i’ve only seen this in screenshots


Omg this is glorious 😂😂😂


This is too good to reblog.



May 15 2018




*hears thunder* thor if thats u bitch i love u

This is Zeus erasure

Zeus deserves to be erased

….You’re not wrong

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