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October 23 2017

October 16 2017

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That’s probably the best villian argument in history.

Also, if dinosaurs can’t get cancer then win-win

To anyone getting spam messages from me: I’m extremely sorry. I’m working on fixing the problem.

October 09 2017

“Flash War” Sounds Like a Terrible Idea





At NYCC, DC announced “Flash War” will spin out of “Metal” next year. DC and Joshua Williamson are promising that it will settle once and for all “who’s the best Flash.” It starts in January 2018’s Flash Annual #1 and runs through Flash #46.

I really want this to be a joke, because it’s the last thing the fandom needs. We’ve been through it before, and it basically broke the fandom.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Flash fans mostly got along. Whether your favorite was Barry Allen, Wally West, or Jay Garrick, or you liked Bart Allen as Impulse. It wasn’t perfect, and Barry’s fans missed him terribly, but at least DC treated the character with respect, and fan disagreements never reached the level of, say, Green Lantern fandom, which had been fractured by Emerald Twilight.

Then Infinite Crisis happened in 2006. Wally vanished mysteriously, and Bart was aged up to an adult to take over as Flash.

Wally’s fans hated that he was gone. Bart’s fans hated that he was being handled wrong. Barry’s fans hated that he wasn’t back. Fans on a very creator-friendly message board hounded the writers of the book until they went offline, back when that sort of thing was unusual.

For the next few years, DC kept changing direction, satisfying nobody in the fan base. They killed Bart, teased Barry’s return again but brought back Wally instead, gave Wally superpowered kids to share the book with…

Then Flash: Rebirth hit in 2009. Of course, Rebirth wasn’t just about bringing Barry back (along with Bart, Max, and Jesse Quick)… it was about insisting that Barry was the best. (They literally made every speedster in the DCU except for Thawne dependent on Barry.) And the places we were told we’d see Wally and Bart starring were scrapped, cancelled and revamped. Flashpoint, the first (and still only) big Flash-centric event, killed Wally off unpowered in a sidestory, and he vanished completely in the New 52. Post-Flashpoint Bart was unrecognizable. Jay was MIA for a year.

Now, a decade after Infinite Crisis and half a decade after Flashpoint, we’re finally at the point where Barry, Wally and Jay all have at least some presence and respect, though Bart’s missing again. Barry, Wally, Jay and Jesse are all heroes on TV. Barry’s appearing in movies, and Bart will be in the upcoming Young Justice revival. Barry and two versions of Wally all appear regularly in comics. Jay’s been hinted at, and unlike the carrots dangled re: Barry & Wally in the past, we have reason to believe they’ll follow through with Jay.

So why the hell would we want a “Flash War” to settle “Who’s the best Flash” and dredge all that up again?

Your favorite Flash, my favorite Flash, those are matters of taste. “Who’s the best” shouldn’t be legislated and made canon.

Adapted from this Tweetstorm.


The post “Flash War” Sounds Like a Terrible Idea appeared first on Speed Force.

Reblogging because I agree completely, and am really hoping the fandom will realize this and not take the bait.  We don’t need to squabble, folks.

Wow. This is an absolutely terrible idea. DC finally did right by the Flashes when they brought old Wally back without erasing new Wally. Fans of old Wally were happy and could stop hating his replacement. Fans of new Wally got to keep their character and didn’t have to experience the feeling of having their beloved character be replaced. And putting them in different books also meant there was no competition between them. Also, by making sure old Wally got to stay as the Flash, they respected his legacy and all the fans who grew up with him in that role. In other words, DC did the exact opposite of what they did with Barry and Wally in Flashpoint, indicating they had learned their lesson.

And now this? What the fuck, DC

Not only do we, the fans, not care about who’s the “best” Flash, the characters themselves do not care. When Barry came back from the dead, he immediately accepted Wally as the new Flash and made sure Wally knew that too. Jay was always very proud of the legacy he started and never felt bitter about it. While Bart and Wally had some tension occasionally, they still had great respect for each other. And old Wally is very happy that new Wally carries on his old title. They all love and respect each other. Why would you change that?

And really, even if the fans were on board with this idea, you would still end up pissing some of them off. Say the conclusion is that Barry is the best (which, let’s face it, they probably will)? Congratulations, now the Wally fans hate you (again). Say that you decide Wally is the best? Now you’ve lost the Barry fans. Say you completely ignore Jay in this discussion? Now everyone hates you. How could you possibly think this was a good idea?

Well said.

What the fuck DC!? Look I have my favorite Flash, old Wally, everyone who likes the Flash does. All of them have their good points and bad points. Stop trying to start shit that doesn’t need to be started.

There doesn’t need to be a book to decide who the best is. Fans decide that for themselves.

October 07 2017

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Women who are beyond done with all of this shit.


When I look at this I feel like it should be something from 100 years ago but this is really going on right now




a new law is about to be passed in Saudi Arabia that will allow the government to execute people for coming out or being openly gay online.

ignoring the fact that this is literally something out of some kind of dystopian novel, in the interests of safety i’ve emptied out my face tag and may temporarily deactivate or password protect this blog.

please reblog this and get the word out, and if you pray, please pray for me and my fellow Saudi LGBTQ+/MOGAI family.

ALSO, for those who need it [x]. its a post on erasing all traces of yourself from the interwebs. 

this is not something to read and keep to yourself. please spread this around. may Allah keep everyone safe.

October 06 2017

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Part 2 of The Nightmare Comic. 

I spent a lot of time wondering about The Rules & how it all probably worked. 


If this post gets 50,000 notes I’ll make a Part Three.

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I had a nightmare last night.

I was a reporter.

This is absolutely amazing. I hope you hold onto this idea.


If this gets 20,000 notes I’ll make a Part 2.


October 02 2017

October 01 2017

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When it comes to politics I usually live and let live. I have voiced my opinion, on a few occasions. This time is different and here’s why. I am from Puerto Rico. I was born there, lived there for most of my life until I moved to the mainland. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I am an American. I was born and given a Social Security number right off the bat. I have a US passport. All my life I have been paying taxes, etc, etc. 

With that said, I will admit that I was both saddened and afraid to watch the man, who is now the President of the United States, get elected. I couldn’t understand it. However, he is in power, not much can be done and let’s hope he gets his butt in gear and gets stuff done. At least, that is what I thought, or kept telling myself in order to not go insane.

My mom and one of my sisters still live in Puerto Rico, my husband and I visited back in April. I have many uncles, aunts, and cousins down there. 

It took a week, a whole WEEK, for me to hear about my mom and sister after the hurricane had made landfall. A week not knowing if they had survived, if they had shelter or if they had managed to get water and food beforehand. If my mom’s insulin was staying cold, somehow. That level of stress, for a whole week.

Meanwhile, the POTUS is slamming NFL players for peacefully protesting and ignoring a major catastrophe that 3.5 million Americans were going through.

I did some research online, this is what I found from a few newspapers. Some comparisons.

GW BUSH: For Katrina. It took 4 days to respond. ordering 10.4 Billion aid package and 7.2k national guard troops. Visited a few days later.

Trump, for Maria. No official address. Some tweets talking about the debt
and how the rebuilding efforts would have to be considered.
Scheduled visit two weeks after
the hurricane. ((Two WEEKS AFTER!!))

More comparisons.

Hurricane Harvey. Texas
Landfall Aug 25
Disaster Declaration Aug 25
President promises to visit Aug 27
Visit Aug 29

Hurricane Irma. Florida
Landfall Sept 10
DD Sept 10
PPTV Sept 13
Visit Sept 14

Hurricane Maria
Landfall Sept 20
DD Sept 20
PPTV Sept 26
Scheduled visit Oct 3

Where was Trump? Per the Washington Post
After the DD, he was supposedly in
New Jersey, for a long weekend, at his private
golf course. Had a meeting with half a dozen
cabinet officials to discuss a new travel ban, not
the hurricane disaster.

The Jones Act (the law that says all goods that come into Puerto Rico have to be carried on a US ship, manned by US crew and OWNED by a US corporation or individual) Waived a week AFTER the Hurricane.

When asked why it hadn’t been waived, as quickly as it had been done for Florida and Texas, the answer was about some ‘Shippers not wanting it done’.


What this means is, ships from Mexico, Venezuela, ports that are far closer to PR that wanted to come in with aid were not allowed into port because it would have been illegal. Why? Because some wealthy shippers didn’t want the law waived. Even if all those ships were carrying was food, water, and other necessities. 

*Takes a deep breath*

My people down there are gonna spend months in the dark. With scarce food. Rationed water and allowed $10 of gas purchases each time they go buy it, which means they spend hours in line to get those few gallons. They also have a curfew, from 6 AM to 6 PM. They have no ice (to me, this is important because of my mom and her insulin). And if things weren’t bad enough there were some criminals that escaped jail during the hurricane that are now loose on the freaking island along with the run of the mill looters.

And with all of this happening the POTUS decides to take a weekend to golf? Wasn’t this something he criticized Obama for? He dares say that they are doing ‘Great’ in their response time. And the whole thing with him criticizing the Mayor of San Juan (Not my town, btw) after she fought back about how ‘this was not a good story’ as the White House official was trying to make people believe it was?

Mi gente, (My people), whoever you are and wherever you are, you need to be outraged by all of this. Those who cried foul about how things were handled for Katrina. Those who felt slighted by the delays. Now is the time to show that we haven’t forgotten that because this is just another example of red tape costing lives.

Though there are some Puerto Rican’s that do have red hair, (deep in our blood, due to the African slaves and the Native Indians of our island) we are far too dark and mutty (there, I said it. Puerto Ricans are a mix of Spaniards, Native Indians and Black slaves, so we’re all mutts) to be the red-headed stepchild the rest of the United States of America uses when it suits them (vacations without passports, bombing practice, taxes, making boatloads of money with shipping) and forgets with the next blink.

Thank you.

September 09 2017



The governor just stated if you can’t get out of any mandatory evacuation, whether for fuel or any reason at all, call 1-800-955-5504, right now! The’ll help if you don’t have money, if you have pets, etc. They want you to call NOW because there is time to help you.

(I guess signal boosting this is an upside to being subjected to the weather channel while living utterly landlocked.)

September 08 2017

Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $599.99





Please don’t hesitate

1 penny below reporting limit for the IRS… I see what you did there

(Don’t give me $599.99)

That’s not the right IRS rule.

$599.99 is the amount below which a business does not need to issue a 1099 to a contractor who provides business services. The contractor still needs to report the income on their taxes.

The correct number for the IRS rule for money that is gifted rather than received in a business transaction is $13999.99–more than that, and the recipient has to pay tax on the gift and report it to the IRS. Less than that, and there’s no taxation or reporting requirement.

If we’re choosing amounts on the basis of IRS limits, give these people $13,999.99. 

Go. Do it.

Reblog if it’s ok for people to give you $13,999.99



If you publicly and unreservedly condemn the actions of Nazis in Charlottesville and elsewhere, including everything from quiet hate speech to vehicular terrorism, can you please reblog this post.

I think a few friends, a few followers, every Jew who happens across this post and my own heart could do with knowing that there are more of you out there than there are of them

Anyone that feels they are scared, know you have safe haven here!





Pedophiles don’t belong in the LGBT community. Go die in a fire. You are not welcome.

Actually we do because lgbt is about celebrating the weird/taboo so yeah

nope. nope. no it’s not. that’s incredible homophobic/transphobic. you don’t belong in the lgbt community.

Please unfollow me if you believe pedophilia counts as a group in the LGBT+ community

actually, if you’re a pedophile please unfollow me. I don’t want that shit any where near me

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Please spread this bc they already face enough hate as it is

And happy Eid guys

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September 05 2017




Make Some Pocket Extenders for Your Pants






So I don’t know about you, but I’m often frustrated by the ridiculous smallness of girls’ pockets. At a bare minimum, I need to be able to shove my cellphone in there - come on, pants companies! So what I started doing was making myself pocket extenders. I’ve done this several times, for pants and shorts. It’s great.

I just got this pair of jeans, so I thought I’d show you how to do it. I kind of feel like it just hasn’t occurred to some of you that this is an option, so maybe now it will. All you need is your pants, some fabric (I just took a random piece from a scrap bin), a needle, and some thread (thread doesn’t even need to match the fabric since literally no one will see it).


See? Ridiculous. Like, half a cellphone, or only 2.5″. Useless.


 So turn those inside out to expose the pockets.


Figure out how big you want your pockets to actually be. I kinda go by whatever looks like might be right. I didn’t really measure them. Fold the fabric in half, so you have a pocket, and then fold it in half again so you can have two equal ones.


Try to get the edges to line up enough, pin it in place, then sew up the sides! Are your stitches crazy uneven and wonky looking? Doesn’t matter; nobody’s going to see it. These are in the inside of your pants. The only thing that matters is that it holds up. So I double-did the corners, since those tend to get the most stress.


Cut open the bottom of the existing pockets.


Pin it in place, then sew around, joining the new pocket to the old pocket. I did this by keeping my hand on the inside, so I wouldn’t accidentally sew through the other side. Again, I reinforced the corners, and didn’t worry about what it actually looks like. Then I turned it in side out to make sure the inside was all joined properly.


Yay all done! And the pockets are so much bigger now!

Whaaaat I can fit my entire phone and entire hand and probably something else now, are girls’ pockets even allowed to do that?! Heck yeah they are.

You are a goddamn hero.

The fashion industry just needs to catch the fuck up!

The fashion industry wants to sell you pants AND a purse. They’ve made a conscious decision not to catch up.

Reblogging for the truth in the last comment. That is, in a nutshell, the way everything works in this world.

September 03 2017

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Powerful New Video Tackles Racial Bias To Remind Kids Their ‘Black Is Beautiful’

A new video released Monday titled “The Talk” compellingly tackles the impact of racial bias through the lens of black parents in America.

This video accurately displays what it is like to be black in America. It shows the conversations all black parents have with their kids to keep them safe and to encourage them to fight the racist society. And it’s heartbreaking that parents need to remind their kids that their “Black is beautiful”.Society needs to change and time has come to talk about this.


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